Employee Portal

The instructions below assist employees of the City of Pensacola in creating a profile and accessing the City of Pensacola's Employee Portal (or Intranet).

To view the videos, simply click the inside of the video to begin playing. 

Please Note:  The words - Intranet and Employee Portal - are used interchangeably.

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Step 1: Creating a Profile
Step 2: How to Sign In to the Employee Portal
Step 3: Accessing the Employee Portal
Frequently Asked Questions about the new Employee Portal

Step 1 should only be performed once

If you have signed up for a profile but are unable to access the Intranet, please contact the Technology Resources Help Desk.  

If you do not have a City email, please contact Technology Resources.

Step 1:  Creating a Profile on the City of Pensacola Website

Step 2:  How to Sign In to the City of Pensacola's Employee Portal

Step 3:  Accessing the Intranet/Employee Portal

If you have issues after following these steps, please contact the Technology Resources Help Desk at (850) 436-5611.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access and can view pages on the Employee Portal or Intranet?
  • Only employees who have an email address ending in @cityofpensacola.com have the ability to access the Employee Portal. If you are a City employee, but do not have an email address, please contact Technical Resources, Trudi Nichols to discuss possible options
Can I send a link from the Intranet to Vendors or Staff who do not have an @cityofpensacola.com email address?
  • Unfortunately, at this time, employees without an @cityofpensacola.com email address will not automatically gain access to the site. Since this portal is intended for internal use only, vendors will not be granted access to portions of the new Intranet.
Can I access the Employee Portal from Home?
Can I upload documents to the Intranet just like we do the K: drive or department drives?
  • No and Yes. If you have a document which would be relevant to all City employees and requires no special restrictions; check with Technical Resources about getting the document uploaded. However, please be aware that documents uploaded to the City Intranet are NOT blocked - therefore, ALL City employees will be able to access them.
Can the public view pages, documents, information, news, or events posted to the Intranet?
  • No, they are unable to view this information.
What happens is someone with a valid non-City account (i.e. person@gmail.com) tries to access an Intranet page?
  • After logging into any non-City account, they will get a permissions denied error.
What can I find on the Intranet?
  • Information about employee-related news and events, employee forms and documents, links to resources and training, along with other valuable information.
What if I have a suggestion or idea that might help improve the City intranet?
  • Your intranet is a living, growing place of information. Your suggestions help make it valuable to you as an employee. If you have an idea or suggestion, please contact Trudi Nichols at tnichols@cityofpensacola.com to discuss. Please know that not all ideas may get implemented as we do have some limitations on the platform; but, we're doing our best to make this your one-stop spot for employee relevant information and news.

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